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Committee 2018:
Honorary President: Bob Pooley
Chairman: Chris Todd
Secretary: Peter McClatchley
Treasurer: Jamie Hills 
Membership Secretary: Sarah Burrows
Match Secretary: Wayne Tideswell
Coach/Fundraising Secretary: Jon Burrows
Head Of Digital: David Bland
Committee Members: Nicky Evans, Graeme Milligan


Teams/Captains 2018:
Northampton Mens A: Wayne Tideswell
Northampton Mens B: Joe O'Leary
East Northants Ladies: Nicky Evans
Mens A: Chris Todd
Mens B: Jack Munton 
Mens C: Joe O'Leary
Mens D: Jon Burrows
Mixed A: Wayne Tideswell
Mixed B: Jon Burrows
Mixed C: Ben Johnson

Club Nights 2018:
Monday 7-9pm March-October
Wednesday 7-9pm March-October
Friday 7-9pm April-September

Head ATP replace Babolat Team for the upcoming season

Fundraising Events:
Quiz @ Kettering Cricket Pavilion Friday 4th May 7.30pm

Membership Fees:
Adults £120 reduced to £100 if you support the Open Day
Concessions £70 reduced to £60 if you support the Open Day
Parents £50
Coaching £40

Match Fees:
£3 for adults (50% discount for captain), £2 for Juniors (50% discount for captain)




 Tennis Club Quiz Night Summary 19/09/17

On Friday night we had a quiz night which went very well and with a good amount of teams taking part £430 was raised towards club facilities which is a very good effort. Huge thanks once again should go to all those who were involved in the running the event. Thanks to Hannah Todd for providing the buffet, Wayne Tideswell for organising the quiz, running the event on the night and selling tickets and thanks to Tesco, The Hare and Montsaye School for providing raffle prizes. 














 Tennis Club Open Day 22/04/17 
















 Brain Ashby Memorial Tournament 14/05/17









Tennis Club Quiz Night Summary 05/03/17

On Friday night we had our quiz night which we are happy to say was a great success with over 70 participants saw us end up raising over £600 which is fantastic. Huge thanks should go to all those who were involved in running the event. Hannah Todd for her immense effort providing the buffet, Chris Todd for his organisation and promotion, Jamie Hills and Jon Burrows for selling tickets. Finally Wayne Tideswell for organising the quiz, running the event on the night and selling a lot of tickets.


Quiz Results

Rockingham 4 (105)

6 of a kind (95)

Spectaculars (92)

The A Team (91)

It's only cannibalism if you Swallow (88)

Feel my backhand (81)

All the Presidents Men (76)

Andys Team (71)

Hills Angels (69)

Tennis is a perfect age (65)

World Wide Webbs (62)

Foxes (59)

The No Hopers (56)

Not a Clue (52)

Thanks to everyone who took part much appreciated and well done to the Rockingham 4 who were the winning team on the night congratulations to them enjoy the £60 cash first prize

Congratulations also to all those who won raffle prizes, especially Nigel in Jonathon's team who won both the 3 course meal for 2 at the Hare, Loddington and the 2 saints tickets along with replica club shirt.


Judy and Bob Pooley after standing down as treasurer and chairman of Kettering Tennis Club after many years of voluntary service to promoting tennis in the borough.



New club clothing!

After years of people asking for us to have our own branded clothing we have been showing samples and conducting some research and are pleased to say that kids t-shirts and hoodies and adult hoodies are on the way! All the items selected except the pink t-shirt have been on display at various club activities in the past week, and Jon will have them for a few more days.

The hoodies will all be in a 'electric blue' (ref. Chris Todd, 2017) and the t-shirts will come in a choice of blue and white or pink and white.


Prices are to be confirmed but we are aiming to provide them at what we see as very reasonable prices.



Hoodie (Front)



Hoodie (Back)






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